The attractive green sandstone Park Farm house, barns and associated buildings date back to the late 18th Century.  Set in 28 acres of gardens, pasture and woodland, the Grade II listed buildings are within a Conservation Area and AONB (Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty).



With changes in farming practice over the decades, the redundant agricultural buildings and house fell into decay.

  The current owners purchased the property in 2013 as a long-term project to restore the buildings and grounds, and create a multi-generational family home with luxury guest accommodation.


With the family and many animals comfortably installed the next step was to convert the courtyard, consisting of the old diary, milking parlour, cart horse stables and cow stalls, into four luxury (B&B) suites.

Our Carbon Footprint

Since the project started, it has been one of our goals to reduce our carbon footprint. We are constanly looking at ways to use better sources energy.

Heating - We use a wood pellet biomass boiler to supply all our heating and hot water.

Lighting - All lighting is provided through LED instead of the more traditional halogen bulbs.

EVs - We are proud to say we have an 22kW EV Charge point for guests to use. Click here for more info

Electricity - In the near future, our plans are to install a large solar panel array to run our biomass boiler and store the left over

solar energy into battery for consumption during the evening. Possibly making us fully self sufficient!

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